Swap your ski poles for curtain poles

Whether it was the recent plummeting temperatures, half term or Easter when you would normally be away with the family, ski Sunday or the sudden hope that spring is on its way, if you ski regularly you might be yearning for the slopes right now. With current restrictions meaning skiing may have to wait until next year, many people are turning to DIY projects and investing in home improvements instead.

A survey by Aviva found that 85% people had undertaken home improvements during the first lockdown, so if you are thinking of swapping your ski poles for curtain poles you might want to check out the selection on our new website, Sophie Sews Direct. If you’re considering replacing your existing poles, or buying a new curtain pole alongside your curtains, here are some things you may want to consider:

Curtain poles: a functional item or a statement piece?

You may not have given curtain poles much thought and just thought they are a functional item. However, we think they are often overlooked. Curtain poles are visible all the time and help to frame your window. They can complement or contrast with your curtains and can bring a room together if you co-ordinate with your door handles, picture frame or lamp fittings.

Other curtain pole considerations

When considering material, metal poles can provide a more contemporary finish, although our antique brass range works well in traditional settings too. Wooden poles provide more choice in terms of colour and they can be better for heavier curtains as they are available in wider diameters.

Curtain poles can be a fixed length or extendable – extendable poles give you more flexibility but fixed poles can give a ‘cleaner’ look as there is no visible join.

Finishing touches

Sitting at the end of your curtain poles, finials can be as understated or as bold as you dare. With many different designs and choices including, glass, metal and acrylic you will be spoilt for choice.

You may also want to consider corded curtain poles for curtains that you open frequently – that way you ensure they draw and open evenly without risking damage to your curtains.

Depending on the curtains you choose, the curtain pole will vary. For example, if you are considering eyelet curtains, a curtain pole without rings is required as the eyelets sit over the pole. There may also be some situations where a curtain track is the best option.

Curtain poles for tricky areas

You may have some windows where you think it is too awkward for curtains or curtain poles. At Sophie Sews we are experts in dressing even the most awkward windows. Whether it’s a tricky bay window, or bifold doors where you can only draw the curtains from one side a narrow gap between the window and ceiling or a window you can’t actually reach, we have a range of solutions, curtains and curtain pole for each situation.

Curtain poles from Sophie Sews

A wonderful curtain pole is a real statement – providing shape, strength, colour and individual style to a room. We have a range of curtain poles in stock, from wooden to chrome, matt nickel, brass or even glass created by experienced craftsmen in their Nottingham workshop using traditional artisan skills that have been perfected over generations.

We are happy to conduct a consultation, in person or online or you can order from Sophie Sews Direct.

We can also advise on a range of curtains and blinds or, if you want a quick window update, our express curtains and blinds from Sophie Sews Direct are made to measure with your chosen style and machine finished with attention to every detail.

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