Interiors for Summer 2022

With summer interior design predictions for this year already coming to life, we thought we’d share with you a few of our favourite design trends for this beautiful sunny season.

Bold blues and gorgeous green

This summer we’re expecting to see an increase in the use of blues and greens, not only for curtains but furniture upholstery and wall decor too. Blue and green, although not often paired together, can work in harmony with each other to turn a bland space into a beautiful room of colour.

If however the idea of having both blue and green in one space is a little daunting, why not try something new with these colours instead. Blue is often seen as the more tranquil colour out of the two and therefore a very popular option for a bedroom colour scheme. Green, on the other hand, is often associated with being a colour for the kitchen or lounge, depending on which overlooks an outdoor space.

Pictured below are two stunning inspirational images from James Hare, showcasing how well blue and green work in a role reversal. Deep blue walls with matching soft furnishings will add a touch of luxury to any lounge or drawing room. While green wallpaper with matching scatter cushions look bold, refreshing and contemporary in either a master or guest bedroom.

Paint, but not as we know it

At Sophie Sews we offer the entire Little Greene paint range, and are so often inspired by their vast choice of colours to switch up the look of our shop with a simple repaint, in order to bring to life an otherwise overlooked display.

For quite some time neutral greys, beiges and taupes have been popular paint choices for walls, however, we feel it's time for a punch of colour! Little Greene offers paints that work on walls as well as outdoor and indoor furniture, meaning there is no excuse for not bringing more colour into your home this summer.

If a striking yellow wall as seen here is a bit too bold for your taste, why not start with something small such as wooden photo frames, a bedside table, or even an outdoor bench. Wooden furniture and home accessories can lose their charm overtime, however, a new lick of paint in a beautifully bold colour can bring back to life the most overlooked items in your home, and turn them into statement pieces you never knew you needed.

Jungle cruises

This summer we’ve seen predictions for nature inspired collections from the most exotic corners of the globe. Bold prints of toucans, dragon fruits and monstera plants will make you feel as though you’re in Bali without even leaving your home!

If you’re looking to inject an accent colour into a particular room, why not choose a rich orange or a deep purple to accentuate any small touches of this colour you may already have. A jungle inspired room may seem a bit too eccentric, but a simple yet bold scatter cushion, rug, or even an occasional chair may be the perfect way to incorporate these exotic prints into your home.

Ashley Wilde’s new Tahiti collection encapsulates this theme perfectly, with jewelled toned velvets and eye-catching animal prints. Velvet is a fantastic fabric for upholstered pieces due to its soft and smooth texture, and how it effortlessly adds a touch of luxury to any piece of furniture.

About Author


Charlotte is one of our Designers.
She has always had a passion for design, from spending as much time as possible in the textile studio at school, to studying Textile Design at university. Her knowledge of fabric and interiors has grown over the years, with prior experience in furniture design and room layout. Charlotte is able to combine all these skills to create wonderful ideas for curtains and blinds for all spaces, as well as advise on those finishing touches to make your house a home.

At Sophie Sews we offer a bespoke and personal service to all our clients, and so Charlotte will be the friendly face measuring within your home and helping you to choose the perfect fabric, trimmings and tiebacks for every room.