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We are really excited to offer collections of new sustainable fabrics to off our clients.

Marking a new chapter in the world of eco-friendly textiles, PT Eco is focusing on the future. Their debut sustainable collections Harlow and Whisp , have been designed with the environment in mind and combine both recycled polyester and organic cotton. In the world we live in, sustainable doesn’t equal dull. PT Eco offers the same trend-led and colour confident designs you would expect from a PT collection.

A vibrant collection of hand-painted florals, Jacobeans and damasks, Harlow combines upbeat design with sustainability. Inspired by English botanical gardens and designed with the environment in mind. Combining both recycled polyester and sustainably grown Organic Cotton, Harlow’s prints, weaves and embroideries reduce waste and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals.

The Whisp collections is an Eco collection of recycled semi-sheers stunning wide-width fabrics drape beautifully and offer a light linen-look to any window dressing. Also suitable for accessories, Whisp embraces an ethereal soft pastel colour palette, all while helping the planet and reducing landfill waste.

The two additions range reduce waste and limit the need for harmful chemicals, improving the quality of the soil we walk on, the air we breathe and the water we drink; all while offering on-trend colour and pattern in any home.

We also have new fabrics from Clarke & Clarke’s Eco Collection, which was created to combine fashion with sustainability. This collection poses an elegant answer to the question “How can fashionable interiors be sustainable?” Manufactured entirely from recycled materials, Eco speaks to both the style and environmentally-conscious, with designs ranging from classic herringbone patterning to fresh geometrics.

As well as sustainable fabrics we are also excited to stock East of India products.

East of India takes seriously its corporate responsibility on environmental issues. For a number of years they have been involved with a tree planting project in Indonesia. Wood used in today’s products come from seedlings planted no more than 10 years ago. Each tree harvested is replaced with another, which in turn will be ready to use 10 years after planting. The tree used is Albizia Falcata, grown in the foothills on dry land that cannot be used for rice fields.

East of India is also the owner and guardian of ‘Oak Wood’ in Kent, 22 acres designated as ancient woodland in an area of outstanding natural beauty and a site of special scientific interest.

Their office and warehouse in the UK has a solar power installation which helps generate over half the electricity they need. Importantly this saves over 32 tons of CO2 being added to the atmosphere every year. If you would like to see what their solar power system generates please visit

They have always been mindful of their impact on the environment and since the beginning have always used recycled paper and cardboard wherever possible.

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East of India

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Fabrics are a real passion, so I naturally specialised in curtains, blinds and cushions. Starting from my dining room table making my curtains, I quickly progressed with client orders and making for other designers.

After having my second daughter, I realised my real passion was not just for the actual sewing but the design. The product knowledge of which pole will fit where, the fabric colours, designs and textures and putting it together.

Some of the most original artists have been influenced by the most significant creators that painted before them. Since 2012, I have been lucky enough to have had a front-row seat in homes all over Surrey - big houses, small houses, flats, bungalows and mansions! I have gained so much experience from every window I’ve hung a blind at to every sofa I’ve designed a cushion for. But I have had some help along the way.

The suppliers we use are at the very edge of the manufacturing world. Emma Shipley’s fabric ranges have enabled me to bring colour, life and fantasy to my client’s bedrooms. Evans Textiles Evaglide pole range has given me the slick, hard, ringless poles that I can bring to my clients contemporary and crisp-looking new builds.

The history of fabric design is repeated from all eras. I absorb at every meeting with the suppliers that translate into my designs for your homes. I feel exceptionally fortunate to add all this magic to your home, making your home feel unique, beautiful and, above all, the space you love.