Your guide through Autumn/Winter 2023 interior trends

After a British summer of rain, thunderstorms and blistering heat, all of us at Sophie Sews are in the mood for crisp, cool weather and the interior trends of Autumn. Think cosy, warm, yet super colourful!

Heritage heroes

Being based in Surrey we are fortunate to often work on properties with amazing history behind them. The trend of heritage styled interiors is therefore one we can really get behind and embrace! When we think of heritage as a style, immediately our minds jump to checks, stripes and warm colour palettes. Jewel toned reds and highland greens work beautifully in older homes, especially if you have dark wood furniture or stunning wooden beams. When it comes to your soft furnishings we would recommend choosing designs with soft edges, such as a cottage heading on the curtains or a frilled edge on your cushions. These types of designs can add a traditional feel to any room and look absolutely beautiful when partnered with embroidered and patterned fabric in warm, deep and rich colours.

Sunset colour palettes

With winter creeping in, those warm but vibrant colours that spring to mind when you picture a sunset are predicted to be popular even in the depths of winter this year. We are absolutely loving this trend due to the bold but earthy tones this type of colour palette will bring into your home. Think pink, yellow, purple and even blue, all working together to create a soft and calming interior. These types of colours are rarely popular during autumn and winter and are often perceived as more of a summer colour palette. However, the key with this trend is finding the right tone to suit your interiors. If you’re wanting to add in a touch of yellow for example, opt for colours such as mustard or ochre which will create a warm and cosy interior. As for your soft furnishings, we say embrace the big chunky knit throw and large velvet cushions! Adding a mix of different textures is a fantastic way to quickly create a homely space which feels snug, inviting and perhaps even the perfect place to watch the sun set.

Dopamine decor

Bold patterns, bright colours and a nostalgic vibe, these pillars of the dopamine decor trend have been all over social media and look to be staying into winter. For those who are unsure on what exactly this trend is, dopamine decor wants you to embrace the eccentric and vibrant colours, or patterns, that you otherwise would have been scared to include in your home interiors. The purpose of doing this is to create a fun and enjoyable space which creates nostalgic memories through colour, pattern and texture. If you want to tread lightly into this trend we don’t blame you! Start with an accent wall of a striking colour or bold pattern, which you can then add to via complementary home accessories. Try mixing together colours and textures that you would usually not pair with each other, in order to push yourself out of your interior comfort zone. Maybe you’ve never tried pink with red, or a herringbone pattern alongside a striped pattern. Throw all your fun and fearless interior design ideas at this trend and enjoy the beautiful unexpected outcome of an audacious home interior!

About Author


Charlotte is one of our Designers.
She has always had a passion for design, from spending as much time as possible in the textile studio at school, to studying Textile Design at university. Her knowledge of fabric and interiors has grown over the years, with prior experience in furniture design and room layout. Charlotte is able to combine all these skills to create wonderful ideas for curtains and blinds for all spaces, as well as advise on those finishing touches to make your house a home.

At Sophie Sews we offer a bespoke and personal service to all our clients, and so Charlotte will be the friendly face measuring within your home and helping you to choose the perfect fabric, trimmings and tiebacks for every room.