Window treatments of the future…

There have so far been a lot of predictions for what 2024 will bring. Brown and green colour palettes are here to stay, while the cool, minimalist, Kim Kardashian style home is out and texture, warmth and colour is in. With these characteristics in mind, we’ve explored our favourite window treatment trends for next year to hopefully kickstart your interior inspiration for 2024!

The Home Office

Since covid the ‘home office’ or study if you’re feeling fancy, has become a staple in most households. We now can’t imagine our home without one! So we think it’s time to start thinking of this room as a part of your interior design, rather than just an add-on room. Paint your study in a colour you love, buy a functional but beautiful desk which will last you years and treat yourself to a window treatment that suits the room and isn’t just a last minute purchase. Any room with a desk is likely to have it under a window, so bearing this in mind we think roman blinds are perfect for this type of space. A roman blind will add a soft but functional detail to the room, especially if made in a fabric which isn’t too bold or busy, enabling the blind to seamlessly blend into the room as though it was always there.

Smart Interiors

If you’re a technophobe this trend won’t be for you! The idea of having a smart home is one we’ve read about several times before, with many different companies now producing products to help make life at home easier than ever. When it comes to window treatments, we’ve definitely seen an increase in the popularity of remote controlled blinds and curtains. Both options can be hard wired into your mains, battery powered with rechargeable options, or even solar powered for a real smart home finish. We think remote controlled curtain tracks and blinds are great for someone who has a window which is impossible to reach, or even an extremely large window. They’re also fantastic for anyone who struggles with mobility, as with the touch of a button your window can be covered to your exact liking.

Artificial Lighting < Natural Lighting!

With a lack of sunny days ahead of us, we’re absolutely loving the predicted trend of embracing sunshine in whatever form we can get it! We think the perfect window treatment for letting more natural light into your home, while still dressing your windows, would have to be voiles. Voiles can cover your window but still allow for sun to shine through, enabling you to create a bright, airy and open space. No matter the style of your home we’re certain there is a voile that is just right for your interiors. If your home is modern, why not opt for a sleek and minimal ceiling fix track with wave headed voiles that gently caress the floor. If you’ve created a home with a more traditional feel, how about pinch pleat voiles hanging from an ornate wooden pole and puddling on the floor to create a real wow factor finish. With so many options available, we think there’s no excuse for not embracing this trend in 2024!

About Author


Charlotte is one of our Designers.
She has always had a passion for design, from spending as much time as possible in the textile studio at school, to studying Textile Design at university. Her knowledge of fabric and interiors has grown over the years, with prior experience in furniture design and room layout. Charlotte is able to combine all these skills to create wonderful ideas for curtains and blinds for all spaces, as well as advise on those finishing touches to make your house a home.

At Sophie Sews we offer a bespoke and personal service to all our clients, and so Charlotte will be the friendly face measuring within your home and helping you to choose the perfect fabric, trimmings and tiebacks for every room.