Reduce, Reuse and Reupholster

Being more conscious about our planet and less frivolous with our belongings can be difficult to implement in our everyday day lives. Small changes such as upcycling clothes, or reupholstering furniture, are trends we have seen become more and more popular and it's certainly a trend we can get on board with! With this in mind, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite upholstery projects and our top tips on how to save your furniture from landfill!

Something old, something new...

If you’ve got a piece of furniture that is a staple in your home but has unfortunately seen better days, it may be time to think about reupholstering these pieces to ensure they last for several more years. Choosing a hard wearing, durable and timeless fabric is your best option for furniture that is used everyday. Our range of Fibre Guard and Easy Clean fabrics are the perfect upholstery materials for interior lovers that also have little ones, pets, or both! A fabric with either one of these finishes is a life saver when it comes to food spills on your dining chairs, or muddy paws on your sofa. A fibre guarded fabric will not only be more durable than others, but it will enable you to remove stains without having to use harsh chemicals or a professional cleaning service. Choosing a plain but textured fabric will also work in your favour, ensuring that this furniture family staple is timeless no matter how many times you re-decorate the room.

Upholstery for the Outdoors

Our upholstery services don’t just stop at your interiors, we also reupholster outdoor furniture as well! With horrid British weather inevitably ruining your outdoor seating over time, reupholstering these items is the perfect solution to not having to throw them away and start from scratch. Often outdoor furniture is sold in plain and neutral colours, however, we unsurprisingly love a bold, colourful pattern and therefore offer a variety of colourful fabrics that are suitable for outdoor upholstery. Tying in the colours of your garden with your outdoor seating creates beautiful flow and symmetry, making your upholstered pieces a part of your garden design and not just a last minute add on.

Hidden Treasure

Have you ever been given a lovely piece of furniture, or inherited a gorgeous antique item that you’ve never quite been able to work into your interiors? If so, upholstery may be the solution you’ve been searching for. A boring and plain footstool can be turned into a gorgeous deep buttoned footstool-come-coffee table, with metal studding detail to tie in with your chosen metal finishing in that room. Or a glass topped coffee table you’ve kept hidden in the loft, can become a beautiful and comfortable bench seat to create more seating in your busy kitchen-diner. Changing an unwanted piece of furniture into something functional and gorgeous for your home is not only good for your carbon footprint, but it also creates a unique item that no one else will be able to get their hands on!

About Author


Charlotte is one of our Designers.
She has always had a passion for design, from spending as much time as possible in the textile studio at school, to studying Textile Design at university. Her knowledge of fabric and interiors has grown over the years, with prior experience in furniture design and room layout. Charlotte is able to combine all these skills to create wonderful ideas for curtains and blinds for all spaces, as well as advise on those finishing touches to make your house a home.

At Sophie Sews we offer a bespoke and personal service to all our clients, and so Charlotte will be the friendly face measuring within your home and helping you to choose the perfect fabric, trimmings and tiebacks for every room.