It’s All In The Detail…

Although it may seem like a smaller detail at first, the length of your curtain can make or break the design of your room. If you’re unsure on what will work best for your window, we’ve listed below some helpful tips we’ve learned over the years to help you figure out the perfect length for your next pair of Sophie Sews curtains!

The Window Sill

Curtains that finish just on or just past the window sill are perfect for any window where there is an obstacle underneath. For example, if you are wanting new curtains for your office where the desk is directly under the window, or curtains for a bedroom where the only radiator in the room is under the window. Another detail to consider is who will be using the room. If you’re wanting curtains for a little one's bedroom, shorter curtains are also ideal for this space as they require less fabric making them a cheaper option and by not having the curtains near the floor, this creates optimum room for crawling, running and jumping with no tripping hazard interrupting their fun!

The Floor

Having your curtains finish just off the floor is perfect for creating a sleek, contemporary and minimalist look. We often find this curtain length suits new build properties very well due to the use of sleek lines in the properties architecture which this length of curtain perfectly compliments. Having your curtains or voiles finishing just above the floor is also a very effective design if the curtain is in everyday use, such as a front door. Muddy shoes and dirty pets can drag dirt along your floor and ultimately onto your curtains. However, if your curtains aren’t touching the floor this makes for easy mopping, hoovering and peace of mind that the bottom of your curtains aren’t going to be constantly dragged in dirt!


Puddling curtains are like marmite, you either love their dramatic and exaggerated style, or can’t stand the space they take up on your floor! If you’ve got a large space that requires lots of soft furnishings to make it homely and soak up any echoing noise, puddling curtains are the perfect window dressing for this. They also look fantastic in older properties which have lots of character that compliments the exaggerated style of a puddling curtain perfectly. If your property is young and has a more contemporary look, a curtain which gently sits on the floor rather than puddling can look beautiful. A curtain that finishes gently on the floor creates a relaxed and modern feel perfect for a lightweight linen curtain or a beautiful sheer voile.

About Author


Charlotte is one of our Designers.
She has always had a passion for design, from spending as much time as possible in the textile studio at school, to studying Textile Design at university. Her knowledge of fabric and interiors has grown over the years, with prior experience in furniture design and room layout. Charlotte is able to combine all these skills to create wonderful ideas for curtains and blinds for all spaces, as well as advise on those finishing touches to make your house a home.

At Sophie Sews we offer a bespoke and personal service to all our clients, and so Charlotte will be the friendly face measuring within your home and helping you to choose the perfect fabric, trimmings and tiebacks for every room.