How to pick the perfect pole

We often feel that curtain poles and tracks are sadly overlooked. The hardware your curtain hangs from is an integral part of the design of your window treatment, and in our opinion requires as much thought as your fabric choice. To help you decide which style is best for your curtain, we’ve whittled down some of our favourites that we’ve used time and time again.

Poles without rings

If you’re looking for a wall fixed pole that is sleek, modern, but adds some personality to your curtains, you can’t go wrong with a pole that works like a track. There are a large variety of brands which now produce poles with hidden tracks inside, eliminating the need for rings or big brackets. The great part about this design is how easy it is to glide your curtain across the pole, making this style perfect for large windows and heavy curtains. We think this type of pole looks great in contemporary new build homes, especially when paired with wave headed curtains as pictured below.

Traditional and wooden

A personal favourite of ours are gorgeous, chunky, real wood poles. This style will add a real statement finish to your curtains especially if you’re pairing your pole with ornate finials. Having a wooden pole doesn’t necessary mean it’ll be a typical wood colour, there are a variety of poles available which come with a lime wash finish if you’re wanting a shabby chic look, a metallic finish for a more glamorous look and even painted options so that your pole can match your exact wall colour. We think wooden poles look fantastic in older properties that have lots of character and detail in them.

Last but not least, tracks

In our experience the least favourite choice for curtain hardware is a track. They’re often seen as old fashioned, ugly and it's also likely that when you think of a track you think corded. We’re here to tell you that your curtain track needn’t be any of these things and can actually be a minimalist and modern choice. Curtain tracks are great for ceiling fixed curtains and voiles, where you’re wanting the hardware to be as invisible as possible. Tracks are also a fantastic choice for large bay windows, as they’re much more versatile and stream line than most bay pole options.

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